Friday, January 8, 2016

NEW BOOK! | Princess Josephine and the Rainbow Dragon!

Princess Josephine and the Rainbow Dragon is written by Kate
Bodsworth and is illustrated by Brigid Marlin. Just published
by Boissevain Books.
I am so proud that Boissevain Books has published Princess Josephine and the Rainbow Dragon.

It was written by Kate Bodsworth and was illustrated by Brigid Marlin, my sister.

 The dragon, you can see, is as evil as my sister's kind heart could make him.

The version of the dragon on the back cover is even more evil.

BUT... in the other corner, Ladies and Gentlemen... is Princess Josephine. If you think she is no match for the Rainbow Dragon, you should think again.

Princess Josephine is annoyed – even angry, although she is slow to get worked up about anything – because the Rainbow Dragon is sucking all the colors out of her Kingdom. Compared with the Rainbow Dragon, she is tiny, even though she is tall and strong for her age.

She doesn't have the teeth, claws, tail, heft and fire that are included in the Dragon Package.

But she has other things:
  • She doesn't panic easily, which is good because if she started to run away, a dragon couldn't help but chase her. 
  • She has a wizard who tells her who was responsible for the loss of colors in the kingdom. 
  • She has soldiers and police officers, but they cannot help her at first because their uniforms coats are drained of color and that makes them powerless. 
  • She has a magical horse who takes her to the place where the dragon lives. Princess Josephine is brave as can be. 
  • She can talk to the dragon in her Princessy Voice, which is the first thing they teach you in Princess School. She tells the Rainbow Dragon: "I am Princess Josephine. Give my colors back!" "Shan't," says the Rainbow Dragon. "If I don't eat colors, I turn an ugly, awful gray." 
I'm not going to give away the whole story. Where I leave you is at the point where Princess Josephine has to think what to do. That's the second thing they teach you at Princesss School – to think about things. I will say that the ending is a happy one, even for the dragon. And you will have to get the book to find out the third and most important thing they teach you at Princess School.

Not only is this book fun and instructive, it is a handsome book with hard-cover binding that will stand up to being carried around for a while by a princess who wants to show it to her friends.
  • To order "Princess Josephine": Click here (you will go to the new Boissevain Books store).
  • The only way to get a 15% ($3) discount on the price is to order online and then copy this code into the discount box: JCKRN2S38AFK.